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Systematic review of forecasting models in disease epidemiology

In the previous article, the role and advantages of using forecasting models in disease epidemiology was discussed. Forecasting models are important tools assisting in public health decision making. Future disease trends, incidents and possible risks within a population can be assessed with these models. As discussed previously, many models are used to analyse time series data in epidemiology. In this article, a systematic review has been presented on several such models used in the past by researchers and institutions. Read more »

Impact of Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) on India’s real estate sector

The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) 2016 is a revolutionary Act in the history of the Indian real estate sector.  It was introduced first in the year 2013, but due to objections raised in the parliament, it came into effect only in May 2016. Furthermore, it was introduced to protect home buyers’ interests and also to boost investment in the real estate sector. The Act aims to improve transparency and encourage fair practices in the sector. Read more »

Expatriate remuneration’s effectiveness

The aim of this study is to investigate expatriate remuneration’s effectiveness in a multination organization. This article is prepared to illustrate the process that will be employed to carry out this investigation and to provide justification of the selected research approach. Read more »

No hope of doing perfect research

There is no hope of doing perfect research (Griffith, 1998, p97). Do you agree? A discussion with detailed reference to at least two examples of my research done in schools that I have been studying. Read more »

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