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Reasons behind the declining fertility rate of urban India

India constitutes about 17.1% of the total world population (Korotayev, Goldstone, & Zinkina, 2015). According to the 2011 census,  64.8% of the total population is settled in the rural regions of the country (Bongaarts & Sinding, 2011). However this distribution of the population is expected to change due to urbanization and decline in the mortality rate in the recent years. Read more »

Humanitarian workers risk their lives to help others

On 19th August, every year the world celebrates Humanitarian Day and humanism. The Day designated by the United Nations General Assembly and themed around “the world needs more…” is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the globe. Read more »

A brief about the civilisation under the Gupta dynasty

Considered as a Golden Age, Indian civilisation under the Gupta rule witnessed a new epoch in its history of growth and development. After the fall of the Mauryan Empire, India was divided into several independent monarchies and continued to be so for another 500 years, until the rise of Gupta Dynasty. Read more »

Economic growth at the cost of environment: A case of Mahan coal block

The current NDA government (2015) under the leadership of Narendra Modi made promises that will place India on a strong foot internationally and environment being one of them. The Prime Minister in his Independence day speech spoke about “zero defect, zero effect” policy, referring to industrial effects on the environment (Indian Express 2015). Read more »

LGBT communities fighting for their survival

As long as there have been living organisms with any modicum of intelligence, there has existed prejudice.  This division that we human draw amongst ourselves in society are based on a variety of characteristics.  Depending on the part of the world we live in, sometimes it is based on level of income, color of our skin or bloodlines we descend from. Read more »

Conditions that predominate the lives of women in Afghanistan and Russia

Muslim woman in Afghanistan remain to be much in the state of extreme terror as is evident from the case of Sohaila, who had received 100 lashes in a dilapidated sports stadium in Kabul in  1998 in front of thirty thousand boys and men who gathered to watch the act (Ahmad, 2012). Sohaila’s crime was decided of adultery, as she was spotted walking with a man who wasn’t a relative. It is to be noted that since Sohaila was unmarried her punishment was limited to flogging; had Sohaila been married, her punishment would have been public stoning to death. Read more »

Third hand smoke and its concerns

Thanks to the initiatives of the Government of India and various non-government organizations (NGO) in context of spreading mass awareness on detrimental impacts of cigarette smoking. Today even the kids are well aware that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Read more »

Benefits of globalisation to India

Globalisation refers to the expansion of economic activities across political boundaries of nations (Agarwal, 2008). It results in the economic progress of a nation and a growth in economic inter-dependence between two nations. Read more »


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