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Civil war and the Decline of Tourism in Lebanon

Before the Civil War (1975-1990) Lebanon was a peaceful region that enjoyed calm and renowned prosperity in terms of economy and socio-political system. The economy in the pre-Lebanese civil war was driven by agriculture, banking and most importantly tourism. Based on its stability and prosperity, its capital “Beirut” was the centre of tourism in Asia and was regarded as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ (Becker 2014). The pre-war Lebanon was considered as the most ideal tourist destination in the Middle East. The scenic beauty, sunny climate and historical sites were the main points of attraction before the civil war for tourism in Lebanon. Read more »

Trade liberalization of the tourism sector in India

Trade liberalizationTourism is one of the core drivers of the economy in India and it is classified in the field of the service industry. Some of the benefits associated with the tourism industry are: Read more »

A closer look into the tourism growth in Dubai

Tourism in DubaiThe hospitality industry of Dubai has been contributing significantly to the growth of Dubai’s economy. Tourism sector of Dubai has emerged as an important contributor to the economic growth of Dubai. Dubai has become one of the major tourist destinations within the map of global tourism. Read more »

Strategies to manage demand supply imbalance in tourism

Strategies to manage demand-supply imbalance in tourismTourism is a seasonal industry and there are many factors that contribute to this seasonality. Not only does the environment of the host nation, but the policies of the host Government and several other factors work together for this seasonality in the industry. Read more »

Challenge of demand forecasting in tourism

Forecasting the demand in tourism industry and maintaining a proper demand-supply balance is a major challenge.  There is no doubt about tourism being an industry of economic, social and cultural importance for the world economy. Tourism connects people from one corner of the globe to the others. The exchanges that take place among nationals of different countries act as a great source of mutual advantage. Read more »

An overview of the Indian medical tourism industry

An overview of the Indian medical tourism industrySince ancient times, the Indian way of treating guests as God ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ gives its tourism industry a special meaning across globe. India has always been a country of tourist attraction for people of all ages with its varied culture and geography, exquisite landscapes, religions and spirituality, rich historical heritage, wide range of foods and festivals, year round fairs and exhibitions, exclusive shopping stuff and several leisure opportunities. Read more »

Medical tourism in India and its advantages

Medical tourism in IndiaIndia is a land of diversities. These diversities extend not only to geographic regimes but also to cultural and religious extremes. India’s rich cultural heritage has always been an attraction for travelers from all across the globe. Read more »

Challenges in medical tourism

Challenges in medical tourismMedical tourism is a recent buzzword in the market combining the two of the fastest growing industries in the world; healthcare and tourism. Medical tourism is not a new concept however as this practice of traveling for seeking the best healthcare was present in ancient times also. Read more »

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