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Evolution of performance appraisal system and methods

Performance appraisal system is the process of evaluating the performance of an employee (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2002). The information gathered from such evaluation is shared with employees. This critical information regarding their strengths and weaknesses helps enhance their scope for improvement. Over the last century, many performance appraisal systems have been introduced by various researchers and organisations. These systems were subject to advantages and drawbacks.

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The inflow of FDI in the key industries of India

India highly depends on foreign investments in the form of foreign direct investments (FDI) to fund its economic growth (Demirhan & Masca, 2008). Amongst all the sectors, the manufacturing sector and service sector has undergone a transformation and experienced high growth rates in the past few years. However, from the data on FDI, it can be observed that few key industries belonging to these two sectors have boosted at a faster rate than the others and attracted more FDI than the others.

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