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Creating an innovation environment in the UAE through Vision 2021

Since the foundation of the UAE in 1971, the Emirates has been a distinguished icon for bringing innovation and creativity, trying to enhance their social and economic status, and transforming primary destinations for talents and businesses. Since the country believes that ‘innovation’ is the future for human investment, the UAE leader has been emphasizing this element across all sectors. With the onset of ‘Vision 2021’, the country has been emphasizing growth in all public and private sectors, and in government entities.

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The political structure of the UAE and its impact on airport security

After the British withdrawal from the Gulf, the foundation of UAE was laid in 1971 under the head of the Federal Supreme Council, and since then the UAE’s basic political culture is based on patriarchal system and attest loyalty to tribal leaders (IBP 2002; Foley 1999). President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (since 2004), whose competency in keeping peace and unity among the emirate is well known (Bazoobandi 2013).

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