CSR practices at Tesco, UK

TESCO is the biggest supermarket in UK and is the 4th biggest retailer in the whole world after Carrefour, Home Depot and Wal-Mart and the world’s biggest online grocery retailer.

TESCO the United Kingdom’s biggest food retailer has managed to keep up its values of “no one tries harder for customers” and “treat people how they like to be treated” (Stem and Ander 2008).

TESCO serves around two million customers a week from its more than 85 stores located around the whole world. It has enhanced strong corporate social responsibility statement based on organization’s values and strategy, employees, customers, the suppliers, the surroundings, property and the community (Timescouk).

TESCO focuses on 4 major areas of corporate social responsibility. They are:

  1. Society: Playing their part in local communities;
  2. Economy: Using their strengths to produce unbeatable value;
  3. Fund raising and Charities: Supporting better influences; and
  4. Environment: Working with their customers to support the surroundings.

Some of the corporate social responsibility activities of TESCO are given below:

In 1996 it launched its energy awareness campaign and forced its staffs to involve personally in the activities. It lowered down the consumption of energy by 35% and has also planned to lower down by 10% further.

TESCO also established a new PR drive to deliver their computers for schools voucher gathering scheme. This activity is handled by the Resonate PR who works with the corporate social responsibility team of TESCO to deliver the scheme to students. TESCO also established the Club Card Loyalty Scheme in 1990 (ICRMIndia).

In environmental security terms TESCO has combined its corporate responsibility in its surrounding management consisting of resources, emissions, waste and recycling of bags and also the products of their company. Finally TESCO has also established the activities of charitable trust for TESCO which becomes the major focus for fundraising of staffs.

In addition to that TESCO is improving the carbon labeling system that measures every organization’s around 70,000 products carbon footprints which is a very difficult activity that only TESCO size can accomplish.

This shows that TESCO is a socially responsible organization.


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