What is the difference between a standard, emergency and express order?

These are the key differences in the different types of orders:

  1. Delivery time.
  2. Charges.
  3. Allocation of the number of analysts.


We have a fixed time frame and turn around time for Standard and Emergency orders. The delivery time is different for different categories under Standard and Emergency order. You will find the delivery time mentioned in different categories based on the size of the order. Depending on the urgency of the work you may select Standard or Emergency order. If the delivery time fixed for different categories in Standard or Emergency order does not meet your deadline then you may select an Emergency order and add the Express Delivery Addon and we will try to meet your deadline.


The difference in charges is majorly due to this simple reason that the resources we allocate for Express orders are more than that of Emergency orders and similarly for Emergency orders and Standard orders. Without the extra resources the processes cannot be expedited and extra resources incur extra costs and thus the difference in charges.

Allocation of analysts

Analysts are allocated to orders based on the size and urgency of the order. We work in a team and can also work on multiple parts of the order simultaneously.

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