Essay writing on English Literature

Many students find essay writing a daunting and laborious task. It may seem easy at first, but the challenges start coming up when we begin to write. In order to write an essay properly, the foremost important thing is to understand the topic. In case of English Literature, topics are mostly confined to a particular author or genre or era. Such topics are not difficult to understand.

Critical points to note in essay writing

After you understand the topic, the next important step is to note critical points that you want to cover in the essay writing. You will need to explore these points in detail later. Noting the critical points beforehand gives you a rough idea about the desired structure and outcome of the essay.

Next step is to start exploring and gathering data for essay writing. It is best to gather data in the sequence of points noted. That being said, don’t restrict yourself to these critical points only. Once you have gathered the data, you need to spend time in reading it thoroughly and discarding the irrelevant content. You should keep reading content (i.e books, news articles, even blogs!) until you are 100% confident about essay writing.

Writing an essay takes a lot of time as at first you will struggle to frame sentences, and next you will keep tweaking the essay to perfection. The important thing is to not rush yourself in essay writing. Literature is a field that demands creativity, and creativity comes with time and patience.

Proofread the essay at least twice. It is best to ask your friend to proofread it once, as you will tend to overlook a few mistakes when you are the writer too.

How to find the data for your Literature essay?

Procuring data for a Literature essay may be slightly harder than other subjects like Marketing or Science. There are a number of secondary sources you may refer to, like books (Google Books is extremely helpful), Journals (again, Google Scholar is useful) and news articles. Newspapers like The New York Times and The Daily Mail focus on Literature related topics extensively, so you are bound to find help in news articles too.

Surprisingly, blogs are a very useful source of information for Literature related papers. While writing an essay in Literature, you must refer to a lot of ideas, opinions, views, etc.  Blogs simply offer a new idea/insight into a topic, not relevant/ reliable material.

How to conclude an essay?

End your essay with a strong statement. It pays to create an impact on the reader. However, focus on the objective/ statement of the essay writing while framing the conclusion. If you do not address the objective in your conclusion, the essay is pretty much useless.

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    I liked your article above. Can you clarify how an article is different from an essay. In another article I read that an essay is written like research methodology with a research question and its subsequent steps.
    It is important to cite our sources but some times our sources do not want to be cited, meaning they cannot be saved.
    What to do in such a case ?
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