Research consultant (freelance)

Do you read and write but are unsure about how to use your skills to make money? You are not alone. We have brought you a platform to not only give you a chance to earn but also upgrade skills.

We are always on the lookout for aspiring as well as experienced writers. Most of them are required to work on our core services:

  1. Dissertation writing service
  2. Thesis writing service
  3. Essay & coursework writing service
  4. And more

We don’t expect you to be perfect at the job. That’s why we have full-time Handlers and resources materials to train you.


Writing academic papers such as assignments, theses, dissertations, presentations and research analysis.


  1. At least a Master’s degree in the interested field of writing.
  2. At least 6 months’ experience in professional academic writing.
  3. Needs to be well-versed with at least 1 referencing style (Harvard/ MLA/ APA/ Chicago).

Subjects of specialisation

Candidates in the following subjects are invited to apply:

  1. All management subjects
  2. Science
  3. Literature
  4. Law
  5. Economics
  6. IT
  7. Education/ Religion/ Cultural Studies
  8. Geography/ History
  9. Engineering
  10. Biology


Dedication to work, needs to constantly stay in touch with the Handler, timely delivery of works, needs to have a clear agenda. In addition to this, the writer will also be required to have the following things:

  1. A laptop with internet connection
  2. Should be well versed with Microsoft Office
  3. Gtalk
  4. Cell phone
  5. Bank account
  6. PAN Card

Work hours

Writers will have flexibility in work hours. However, we do not operate on delivery-on-deadline basis. All documents are to be sent to Handler before 9 pm IST every day. Sundays and major National holidays are off days.


All new recruits start at Level E for an initial training for a week and in resonse will have to produce articles with respect to it. After a week of initial training you will be moved to level E and will be awarded paid jobs. This pay is revised every 3 months. You will be scored for each job you undertake with us. For all jobs finished and reviewed before 30th of every month. The overall scores for 3 consecutive months determine your Grade. The grades are:

  1. A+ when you score 5 in average for 3 consecutive months,
  2. A when you score 4 in average for 3 consecutive months,
  3. B when you score 3 in average for 3 consecutive months and
  4. C when you score 2 or less for 3 consecutive months.

The pay scale for each level of writer is given below:

  1. Level A+: INR 0.90 per word.
  2. Level A: INR 0.70 per word.
  3. Level B: INR 0.60 per word.
  4. Level C: INR 0.50 per word.
  5. Level D: INR 0.30 per word.
  6. Level E: INR 0.00 per word


We encourage talent, so when you excel in your performance we award you a bonus. The bonus will be added automatically to the invoice when it is generated and it is evaluated on the basis of scores provided by your handler after they review your job. The scores vary from -5 to 5. Bonus will be added to the invoice as per the following scores:

  1. Score 5: INR 2500
  2. Score 4: INR 1500

The signup process

STEP 1: Create your profile in the next page. Provide genuine information about yourself as this step is crucial for us to decide whether to hire you and that you are well qualified to take up challenging jobs.

STEP 2: Check your email and confirm your email address.

STEP 3: Take a test online. After you submit your profile you will be asked to take a brief test. The test will be:

  1. 300 – 350 words writing test on a given topic related to the subjects you will select while submitting your profile. Use Harvard referencing style for citation. Check resource to learn about it.

The test needs to be completed within 60 mins. The website will still accept your submission after 60 mins but will be marked “failed“. If our handlers feel very strong about your test then they might consider it for evaluation.

What do we expect from the test?

We expect the following from your test:

  1. You understand the requirements of the test and you are able to critically analyse.
  2. You know about plagiarism and will not commit it in your test.
  3. You are familiar with different citation methods such as:
    1. Harvard
    2. MLA
    3. APA
  4. You can conduct independent research in a time frame.
  5. You know how to present a paper.
  6. You know English language very well.

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Priya Chetty

Partner at Project Guru
Priya is a master in business administration with majors in marketing and finance. She is fluent with data modelling, time series analysis, various regression models, forecasting and interpretation of the data. She has assisted data scientists, corporates, scholars in the field of finance, banking, economics and marketing.

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  1. Nachiket Nishant

    I just took the test and completed in 40 mins but when I clicked on the submit button it showed you don’t have authorized access.

  2. jhankar shivhare

    hi. my application is rejected. can u pls give me the feedback for the same. also let me know how n when i can appear for retest.i beleieve i can do better, its just that i have had choosen a wrong subject. hope for an reconsideration.

  3. Hello, i want to know the last date for applying to this job as i do not have laptop right now but will buy it within few days.

  4. Hello,
    I am a PhD student of International Studies. I am about to submit my PhD in a few days. I am genuinely interested in working with you. Thanks to my career in academics, I am already trained in research writing. To add to the detail, I also have an MPhil degree and have had the opportunity to be employed earlier in multiple research positions.
    My query however lies with the process of payment involved in your company. How do you pay your consultants? I say a consultant because I am interested only in the capacity of being a freelancer. Also, are there are any set working hours for freelance writers?
    Kindly respond to my queries. I will be grateful thus.
    Thanking you,


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