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[tc fix=”10″][tc_item class =”active” title=”Real estate sector in India” icon=”home”] Real estate sector in India has been growing but at a very slow rate in the last few years. However it has been expected that the sector will increase at the CAGR of more than 15 % by 2028. In this research we are studying the major financial institutions investing in the real estate sector , major government initiatives and linkage between the real estate sector to the overall Indian economy.

[button title=”View all articles” link=””][/button][/tc_item] [tc_item title=”Allergy Drug Market” icon=”truck”] In this research, we have tapped the prevalence of common allergic reactions like asthma, allergic rhinitis, food allergy, insect allergy, urticaria, conjunctivitis among others across five case countries. Prevalence and incidence of allergies in developed nations is higher due to better living conditions, however, certain allergies like Occupational allergies and Insect allergies are specific to developing nations like India and Africa.

[button title=”View all articles” link=””] [/button] [/tc_item] [tc_item title=”Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in India” icon=”bar-chart”] Foreign direct investment has been one of the most important factor behind the rapid growth of the Indian economy after the economic liberalisation of 1991. However along with economic growth it has also been criticized for degrading our environment. In this research are trying to compare the positive and negative impact of foreign direct investment in India.

[button title=”View all articles” link=”″][/button][/tc_item] [tc_item title =”Bioremediation as a solution to pollution” icon=”cubes”] Bioremediation can be active processes (that require energy expenditure) or passive processes. Depending upon the type of organism used, bioremediation can be termed as microbial remediation (microbes), phytoremediation (plant), phycoremediation (algal) and mycoremediation (fungi). In this research, the modes of actions of microbes and plants in bioremediation processes is studied, along with analysing their potential applications in developing products for practical purposes.

[button title=”view all articles” link=””][/button] [/tc_item] [tc_item title =”Performance Management System” icon=”handshake”] Performance management of employees is one of the most difficult challenges faced by organisations in the dynamic working environment. There are different aspects for measuring the performance of employees and not all organisations are able to do it efficiently. In this research we have studied different measures of performance measurement which can be used by organisation.

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[split_box button_title=”view more” order=”left” title=”Manufacturing sector” link=”” description=”There has been fluctuation in the efficiency of manufacturing sector during 2016. Only for four month the manufacturing sector was operating efficiently. There is scope to increase the output with given level of input for those months where the efficiency score is less than 1. For the analysis bank credit and the inflow of the foreign direct investment in the manufacturing sector has been taken the input variable whereas the Index of industrial production and total exports from this sector has been used as output. The results has been obtained using the output oriented constant return to scale model in Data Envelopment Analysis Program.”] [graph type=”line” curve_type=”function” label=”month,Efficiency” data=”January|0.938,February|0.927,March|1,April|0.903,May|1,June|1,July|0.931,August|0.936,September|0.952,October|0.954,November|0.924,December|1″ name=”raw”][/graph] [/split_box] [split_box  button_title=”View more” order=”right” title=”Factors affecting demand in the real estate sector” description=”There are many factors which affect the demand of real estate sector in India. The graph shows the variation explained by major sectors. Time series multiple regression analysis has been used to show the results. The demand in the real estate sector has been used as the dependent variable whereas the independent variables include the gross domestic product (GDP), interest rate, inflation, income, employment and foreign direct investment. Each point in the graph shows the variation in real estate demand explained by these six factors.”] [graph type=”line” curve_type=”function” label=”year,R-squared” data=”2008|0.89,2009|0.87,2010|0.96,2011|0.99,2012|0.75,2013|0.58,2014|0.55,2015|0.92,2016|0.52″ name=”raw1″] [/graph] [/split_box]



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