Proposing research methodology

Research methodology for any research broadly includes two major aspects. First the data collection and second the procedure followed to analyze the collected data. However researchers find it difficult to propose the appropriate research methodology to achieve given aims and objectives of the research. Keeping this in mind we have prepared the list of articles which will help researchers in choosing the appropriate research methodology.

Research design strategy

Designing the appropriate research strategy is an important element of every study. There are various elements of research design and the researcher should choose the appropriate strategy based on the aims and objectives of the research.

Sampling and data collection

It is important in every research to choose appropriate target population based on the research objectives and collect the sample data. Collection of sample may vary as per the study. Some of the most popular sampling plan and data collection methods are explained in the following articles.

Determining validity

Testing the validity and consistency of the collected data is important. Results from the data analysis can be misleading if the data fails the validity test. The following articles explains the most popular methods to check the validity of both the qualitative and quantitative data.

Limitation and ethical consideration

Every research methodology suffers from some kind of limitations. Following articles provide the major limitations of the two of most popular research method, namely the qualitative and quantitative research. Similarly the importance of ethical consideration of the research is also explained.

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