Using Mendeley to organise references and citations

Citing sources and references in a research is very important but a tedious job. By proper citations the researcher acknowledges fellow scholars whose research is being shared in the paper. The main components of citation includes name of the author, published date, name of the journal or book, volume and issue no. There are different types of referencing methods used in different research papers. The most popular referencing styles includes  Harvard, APA, MLA and Chicago formats.  

Organise references with Mendeley

For big projects keeping a track of sources and papers to review is a daunting task. Mendeley is one of the software which can be used for organising papers and citations. It also allows the researcher to store and share the papers and references in the research group. One of the most important benefit of using Mendeley is that, it is very easy to change from one referencing style to another.

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