Which payment modes and currencies do you accept?

We have tried to make it as simple as possible.We accept payments only in USD and in INR. We accept various payment modes:

Our bank account details

For our bank account details go to your order details page by logging into your Project Guru account. Click on the Pay button and under NEFT/ Cash category you shall find the account our account details.

Cross border transaction using PayPal or Credit Card

If you are not located in India, you can pay with your PayPal account or with your Credit Card. You will be charged in USD. Your order currency will be converted as per the current conversion rates available with PayPal. Project Guru does not process online payments or requests credit card number. Your payment would be processed through PayPal’s payment gateway and you are subjected to their Terms and Conditions.

Cross border transaction using SWIFT code

Many banks use SWIFT to ensure cross-border transactions are safe and reliable. If you are not located in India you can also pay using SWIFT code. Get in touch with your banker to transfer funds from your account using SWIFT code. You may contact us or your order handler for SWIFT details of Project Guru.

Cheque or demand draft

You may also pay us by writing us a cheque. The cheque should be payable at par and account payee only. You may deposit or drop the cheque in any ICICI bank branch or ATM with a cheque drop box. Kindly note that to drop the cheque you have to write our bank account number and one of our phone numbers on the rear of the leaf. Before dropping the cheque take a snap of both sides of the cheque and mail us or your order handler.

Similarly the demand draft should be payable at par and should be couriered to our office address and addressed to the Billing department.

Payment by NEFT/Cash

You may pay us by depositing cash into our bank account by visiting the nearest ICICI bank branch. Similarly you may also wire transfer (NEFT) to our bank account.

After successful transaction kindly generate a receipt by logging into your Project Guru account. In your  order details you will find the pay button. Under the NEFT/ Cash category enter the details of your transaction as asked and submit it.

Abhinash Jena

Partner at Project Guru
Abhinash has worked in sales, branding, and marketing functions for GPS companies including MapmyIndia Navigators (www.MapmyIndia.com). In addition to writing for Knowledge Tank articles, he also writes the expert's advice for Thesis & Dissertations and Power Designs.

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