How do you process the orders?

Our order process is framed to give the best quality output. The process has seven different steps:


You complete the order form, providing us with your personal details as well as your project details.


Project Guru appoints you a handler expert in the area of your studies to frame out the layout for your project that would include:

  • The Project Plan
  • The Time Plan
  • The Payment Plan
  • Different Deliverable Parts

Download sample layout


Once you are satisfied with the layout Your handler appoints a data research team and assigns you the writer to work on your topic taking into account all the indicated details of your order and the project layout.


The the writer writes a 100% original paper that meets all the specified instructions in the layout based on the provided data by the handler and the research team.


The handler then approves the draft submitted by the writer and then passes it on to the body of expert editors to proofread and edit the draft to guarantee high quality result.


The draft is then checked by Plagiarism Verification Engine.


You get the final version of your authentically written draft of your paper in your e-mail by the indicated deadline in the time plan.

Abhinash Jena

Partner at Project Guru
Abhinash has worked in sales, branding, and marketing functions for GPS companies including MapmyIndia Navigators ( In addition to writing for Knowledge Tank articles, he also writes the expert's advice for Thesis & Dissertations and Power Designs.

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