14 Steps to complete your research work

Every research has different objectives and follows a different approach. Some research work (such as dissertations) focus on the outcome of the research whereas others (such as a thesis) gives more importance on the process rather than the outcome. So research is a craft as it aims to judge how critically a candidate can think on the research topic. However with proper guidance, like the incorporation of the following steps below can be very helpful while conducting research. Time estimation for each step has also been provided to plan a time-bound action.

Step 1

Research begins with the conceptual conversation. This indicates the process of planning for research work. It helps to prepare the outline for it.

Allotted time- 10-12 hours

Step 2

The second step is of pre-proposal. This step includes identification of the research question, literature review categorization, identification of research hypothesis, method of data collection and analyzing, judging the relevance of the study and identifications of the chapters.

Allotted time: 4-5 hours

Step 3

This stage refers to the guide’s approval of the pre-proposal.  The necessary modification could be incorporated if required.

Allotted Time: 2-3 hours

Step 4

Literature collection: Similar types of kinds of literature or literature in the same domain should be identified and gathered in line with the mapping of the research pre-proposal.

Allotted time: 35-40 hours

Step 5

Coding the literature: This step refers to the literature review and coding

Allotted time:  55- 60 hours

Step 6

Literature review writing: It includes making an outline for the review of the literature and writing it.

Allotted time:  35-40 hours

Step 7

Writing the research proposal: This step includes formal research proposal writing, keeping in mind the revised version of pre-proposal.

Allotted time: 25-30 hours

Step 8

In this stage, the guide will review the proposal and will suggest the changes to the proposal.

Allotted time: 4-10 hours

Step 9

This stage includes revision of the proposal which will be in line with the suggested changes by the guide

Allotted Time: 10 -15 hours

Step 10

Data collection for the research: Data collection can be various primary and secondary.

Allotted Time: 154- 150 hours

Step 11

Transformation of the data into codable form: This step refers to the data cleaning and preparation for further analysis.

Allotted time: 80-120 hours

Step 12

Coding and analyzing data. This step includes making actionable decisions based on statistical methods at an accepted level of significance.

Time: 50- 60 hours

Step 13

This step includes sample analysis and editing the sample analysis with the help of a guide.

Allotted time: 5 Hours

Step 14

This is the final step. This step involves writing the outcome/ findings of the study in an easy and comprehensive way, communicable to all.

Allotted time: 150-22 hours

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