Service standards

Setting the standard of quality of our service is our topmost priority. We offer over 50 different types of services to customers and the word ‘quality’ is synonymous with the word ‘necessity’ here. We explain below how the quality standards for some of the main products are maintained and measured.
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[color_box_4 type=”rectangle” color=”light_blue” link=”#industry_analysis” class=”scroll” icon=”truck”]Industry Analysis & Economy[/color_box_4]

[section_color_box title=”” section_title=”RESEARCH PAPER WRITING SERVICE” id=”academic_papers”]

This category includes services such as thesis writing and dissertation writing, essay writing, journal writing, synopsis or proposal writing, proof reading & editing and research analysis. With every paper that we deliver, we ensure:

  1. Original, plagiarism-free work
  2. Latest and genuine references used
  3. Three times editing and unlimited proof-reading
  4. Quality content used
  5. Immaculate English and articulation
  6. Hassle-free after sales service

[section_color_box title=”” section_title=”POWER POINT DESIGN” id=”power_designs”]

There are three types of Power Designs- Powerpoint Templates, Web Design and Newsletter Design. We acknowledge the importance of a few requisites in such products, named as under:

  1. Creativity and originality in presentation
  2. Unique results
  3. 20% faster processing time
  4. Unlimited removal of glitches and snags
  5. Adherence to delivery schedule and outcome specified in the contract
  6. Interaction with your Handler on a daily basis

[section_color_box title=”” section_title=”PROMOTIONAL WRITING SERVICE” id=”promotional_writing”]

In Promotional Writing we have a number of services like Web Content Writing, SEO Article Writing, Press Release Writing, Blog Writing, Ad Copy Writing, Sales Copy Writing, Case Study Writing, Newsletter Writing. No matter how big or small the order is, we make sure that the quality standards are high. We promise to deliver smiles with your order in the form of the following things:

  1. Out-of-the-box content
  2. Maintaining empathy and relativity in the content
  3. Ensuring that the message reaches the target audience
  4. Ensuring that the content connects with the audience
  5. Genuine after sales service
  6. Follow-ups with target audience for feedback

Our vision is to provide you satisfaction with every order so that there are re-orders from you.
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Marketing services include Optimized Press Release, Search Engine Marketing, Website Auditing, Marketing Design, Market Research, Online Marketing. Since most of these products are sales and after sales focused, our priority is to not let any errors come during the process. Besides this, our other concerns are neatness in presentation, formatted content, and success of push or pull marketing strategy, whichever suits your product.

In case of market research, we do not forge data. Every last bit of the data is genuine. Proof will be delivered to you along with the order.
[section_color_box title=”” section_title=”KNOWLEDGE TANK” id=”knowledge_tank”]

Our daily column of articles consists of credible and informative theories, concepts, case studies and present scenarios from a diverse range of subjects. The objective of Knowledge Tank is to enable and promote collaborative application of the knowledge for development of better standards in every field and expansion of international market.

Project Guru looks for new ideas and expert knowledge in each of its participants. All the authors are hand picked and are tested for:

  1. Balanced and unbiased view on a topic
  2. Quality if writing is friendly and easy-to-understand
  3. Ability to plan and execute independent research
  4. Collaborative thought process

Knowledge Tank Process
[section_color_box title=”” section_title=”COMMENTRY” id=”commentary”]

Our “Commentary” column is updated once a month and it gives the author’s insight on the latest issue gripping a country’s- economic, political, social or business. Although it is supported by facts, it is the author’s personal take on the subject matter.
The author may stand for or against the issue. Commentaries are argumentative, aggressive and opinionated. However, we ensure that facts are not blown out of proportion in the process. For every fact, there is a reference.

In order to know your opinions about our Commentary, we invite users to comment on this section too. You are free to discuss the issue further using your opinions.
[section_color_box title=”” section_title=”INDUSTRY ANALYSIS” id=”industry_analysis”]

Project Guru encourages research excellence, we are following the dynamics of hundreds of industries in India that impact its economy. The main focus is to create a wide readership by promoting innovation and producing articles of the highest quality. The core values we focus in every industry are:

  1. Respect for consensus of every industry.
  2. Understanding the thought process of the industry leaders.
  3. Global market relevance.
  4. Innovation and creativity.
  5. Proactive and nimble business operations.
  6. Strong business lines and expansions.


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