Articles related to banking

Difference between conventional banks and Islamic banks

Banking in common parlance refer to an organization which transacts in money. This term has been in use for a long time but its inception is still mysterious. Few believe the term ‘Bank’ has its origins in Italy from the term ‘Banchi’ while some believe that it has originated from Greek term ‘Banque’; both of them mean Bank (Singla, 2010-11). Read more »

Importance of prediction of income of customers to banks

In the current scenario, banks & other financial services have millions of customers using their services like ATM, debit cards, internet banking, etc. as the customer base multiplies in numbers, there is a need for latest technology, better staff, lower interest rates, more efficiency in services. Read more »

Customer Relationship Management in Financial Services

Today, many financial institutions like banks, asset management agencies, insurance companies, etc. are turning to CRM to reap the same benefits as most other organization:  maintain data bases of potential customers and make every effort to win their confidence, retain them and increase life-time value. Read more »

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