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What is the importance of the order layout?

The handler conducts a background study to understand the essential requirements of the order before confirming it. They review several research papers to develop the layout. This helps them in giving a proper direction to the research.

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What is an order layout?

An order layout includes:

  1. Order handler contact details: Other than contact details, it gives a brief outline about the number of words, charges and delivery time.
  2. Research Scope: The research scope varies with every order and thus is dependent on the work brief shared by the client. It will include:
  • total word count assigned to each section,
  • research methodology,
  • source of data (for secondary analysis),
  • number of respondents (for primary analysis),
  • citation format.

The layout may also contain additional notes for revisions for amendments and changes and a pictorial presentation of delivery.

Will I be in contact with the person who will be working on my order?

Yes, you will be in direct contact with your handler. You will be provided the handler’s email id and phone number. Read more »

After I place an order on your website, how can I be sure of what I will get?

We have tried to keep our communication very simple and transparent. When you place your order, we won’t ask you to pay anything upfront. After evaluating your requirements we will send you layout explaining our scope of work and delivery plan. Once you show your satisfaction on the layout, you may pay to proceed.

Format of a research paper

Research papers whether academic or non-academic follows almost similar format. In this article we will briefly explain the most common format for any research paper.

Title Page: Every research starts with the title page. Here, you mention the research topic, name, Institute Logo and other necessities. Read more »

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