Articles related to nvivo data processing

Creating and managing Nvivo memo

Memos are notes which can be linked on a project item in Nvivo. They are used to record and maintain elements of a project. They are a part of ‘Sources’ folder and are saved in ‘Memos’ folder. A memo can be made on the entire project or a single part of it. For example, memo can be created for recording notes about a particular interview. Read more »

Procedure to create different types of nodes in Nvivo

A computer assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) like Nvivo enables researchers to process qualitative data systematically by breaking the responses into nodes. They act like ‘sticky notes’ referring to particular themes or topic. However, they can be easily retrieved, organised, flexible, delete, alter or merge with another node at any given stage. Read more »

Importing sources and creating new documents and memos in Nvivo

Sources is a menu to save research material including interviews, surveys, pictures, audios and any other type of files. Thus, this article will discuss in detail about examining the following methods to import sources into Nvivo:

  1. Internals
  2. Memos
  3. Externals

Read more »

Understanding issues and limitations of Auto-Coding in Nvivo

As pointed out in the previous article, the process has its own set of issues and limitations, which might create certain obstacles in the nodes created and therefore needs to be taken care of. This article therefore, highlights such issues and limitations along with their anti-dote to generate desired results. Read more »

Understanding Auto-Coding in Nvivo

Earlier we discussed about creating nodes  which acts as ‘sticky notes’ denoting particular themes or topics common across the qualitative data. However, the earlier article was partial in information since it dealt only with manual coding of themes and elements or topics into nodes. Read more »

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