Articles related to Power and energy sector of India

An overview of the Indian coal scam

Indian coal scamThe Coal Scam or the “Coalgate” scandal has marred India’s reputation as a thriving economy yet again and exposed the magnitude of irregularities in the management of key reservoir of natural resource- Coal in 2012. Read more »

Problems and challenges faced by Coal India Limited

Problems faced by Coal India Limited (CIL)Coal India Ltd. was formed in the year 1975 by the Congress government headed by Indira Gandhi as a solution to the severely crippled coal industry. The Indian coal industry until 1975 was plagued with a number of issues like low productivity, lack of strategic planning, lack of funds, low-grade technology and lack of regulation [1]. Read more »

An overview of the Indian power sector

Overview of the Indian power sectorPower sector is the base of economic growth in a country. It acts as the index of economic health of the country. India is one of the fastest growing economies across the globe and has the second largest population in the world. As such India shows lot of potential for the growth of power sector (RNCOS, 2011). Read more »

Power theft in India

Power theft in IndiaThe development of power sector of a nation is closely linked to the overall economic growth of the nation. The importance of the power sector can therefore never be underestimated. India being a developing nation has, even more, to expect from this sector. Read more »

Challenges in the Indian power sector

Challenges in the Indian power sectorPower sector is critical to the overall development of an economy. It provides basic infrastructure to industries in all the sectors and helps in achieving a sustainable economic development. The Indian power sector is confronted with several challenges in various areas of activities. Read more »

Challenges in the Indian coal industry

Challenges in Indian coal industryIndia is the world’s third largest coal producing country and fifth largest in terms of coal reserves. But the Indian coal sector is facing severe challenges recently and the irony lies in the fact that these challenges also include shortages. Read more »

An overview of the Indian coal industry

An overview of the Indian coal industryCoal mining on a commercial level started in India way back in 1774. India’s growth over the years can be well assumed with the fact that today it stands at third position in terms of coal production across the world. The country is also blessed with world’s 5th largest coal reserves or ‘black diamond’ as it is often referred to. India’s coal sector is also recognized by heavy capital investment in the sector. Read more »

Human resource challenges in the coal industry

Human resource challenges in the coal industryThe coal industry is an industry of high economic importance globally. The industry contributes to economic development not only directly but also through the growth of many other industries where coal is the basic elements like steel and power industries. Read more »

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