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How to come up with a research topic for PhD?

From the point of view of an academician, selecting a well-studied and appropriate research topic means that the researcher will conduct and will garner the interest of readers. When considered from the standpoint of a scholar, choosing the right research topic indicates that the researcher has clear idea of the course he has been enrolled with.  Read more »

Guidelines for review of literature for a research paper

Review of published literature relating to the subject of current research is essential for any study. Review of literature involves a critical analysis of the works of different scholars and researchers who have already worked on a topic relating to the subject of the current research. Read more »

14 Steps to complete your research work

Every research has different objectives and follows a different approach. Some research work (such as dissertations) focus on the outcome of the research whereas others (such as a thesis) gives more importance on the process rather than the outcome. So research is a craft as it aims to judge how critically a candidate can think on the research topic. Read more »

How to organize your time for your research

Conducting research in a particular area is not just an article writing that can be done within a few hours. One has to contribute a few days either to do the survey or the research work and organize it properly. The reason it will take most of your time for the next few days. This is because it is not only research that you have to bother about but also how to do the research and why it is required according to your objective. Read more »

Check list for research paper

The engaging flavour of research comes out of the shell if some quality parameters are ensured. While writing a research paper, anyone can make a mistake which degrades the writing quality and a consistent proofreading habit can be a boon in this regard. The following piece of deliberation will reveal the exact need of proofreading. Read more »

Selection of research topic

Selecting a research topic that is challenging and innovative is more important than writing on it. In research a candidate presents his knowledge in defense of a hypothesis in a very concise format. Read more »

Steps to follow while conducting research

Research papers (thesis or dissertations or journals) are one of the major submissions to attain a degree. But how to go for conducting research is one of the major problem faced by many scholars and students. If you are sure by going to the library, reading articles books and posts online will help conduct the research, wake up!. This article will help you to write your research in flawlessly.
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