Articles related to technology

The increasing use of mobile application as a marketing tool

The widespread use of mobile phones and mobile applications has had a remarkable impact on aesthetic, social, economic and health aspects of life. Usage of mobile phones have resulted into a positive influence on human life. Mobile phones are the main communication tool in every aspect of business from service sector, industries and transport (Kim & Kim 2011). Read more »

Security threats and legal issues related to cloud computing

The common buzzword of Information Technology era during the last decade is “Cloud Computing”, with many world-market players shaping the field, such as Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (Amazon EC2), Skype,, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and Read more »

2014, a year of device revolution or an year of intelligence

Computer that we use so freely today is a product of years of work by Konrad Zuse (Ceruzzi 1981). Zuse would be amazed at the way the modern world has used his simple invention. Read more »

How do unrestricted mobile apps pose threat to your privacy?

People have become over-reliant on mobile devices, especially smartphones to drive their social, entertainment, and knowledge networks. Operation of these phones is made possible by use of mobile applications. A mobile application, commonly referred to as apps. It is a kind of application software intended to run on a mobile device that can be a smartphone, tablet, or PDA. Read more »

What are e-wallets?

E-wallet is a device through which all the payments are made (Sahut 2008). An e-wallet works like any  traditional wallet (Taghiloo et al. 2010). ‘An encrypted storage medium holding credit card and other financial information that can be used to complete electronic transactions without re-entering the stored data at the time of the transaction’ (Chauhan 2013). Read more »

Impact of virtual environments on organizations

Virtual environments play an important role in determining the productivity of an organisation today. They help an establishment in a number of ways. In this section, I will discuss the advantages of virtual environments for a business organisation. Read more »

Government Legislations with respect to export and import of clothing in India

Indian Government has announced several measures to promote exports time to time. In order to promote import and export of clothing in India the government has strengthened the base of export production and improved the administration (Roy and Verma, 1999). Read more »

Basics of Project Management

The project management is an organized and planned effort to accomplish the specific objective of one-time, for example, implementing a main new computer system and constructing a building. The project management includes developing a plan for the project, which consists of confirming and defining the objectives and goals of the project, identifying the tasks and how the goals are achieved, quantify the needed resources and determining the timelines and budgets for completion. Read more »

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