The role of human resources department in propagating CSR values within organization

Human resource department is to help the organization in achieving their goals and supporting them towards their continued growth. Human resource department is responsible for integrating all the organizations’ values and propagating the same the employees working in an organization. HR managers know well about the business strategy and implement new plans according to the changing situation.  Human Resource professionals help an organization to achieve its CSR objectives (Skinner, 2002).


Corporate social responsibility shapes public trust in the corporation and its good image and also develops the social environment where it performs, corporate social responsibility leads to long term profits and can thus be assumed as an investment form. The HR managers are the only keys, who make the organization implement its corporate social responsibility strategies successfully.  Corporate Social responsibility and human resource management are closed interconnected with each other. According to Mees and Boham (2004), CSR and HR could be related with the help of the following equation:


In the above equation PR denotes public relations a department within an organization that is in-charge of executing CSR initiatives. This definition states that if the human resource department fails to engage the employees in CSR activities, then CSR becomes an exercise in PR (public relations). This proves to the society that the organization is not, walking the talk, in other words, following what it promised, as a result of which it loses its reputation in the society.

The above equation makes it clear that not only the sole success of a company’s implementation of CSR initiatives, but also the maintenance of its reputation in the society depends upon the activities of HR. Thus HR plays an important role in making CSR strategy a success in any organization.


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