What is an order layout?

An order layout includes:

  1. Order handler contact details: Other than contact details, it gives a brief outline about the number of words, charges and delivery time.
  2. Research Scope: The research scope varies with every order and thus is dependent on the work brief shared by the client. It will include:
  • total word count assigned to each section,
  • research methodology,
  • source of data (for secondary analysis),
  • number of respondents (for primary analysis),
  • citation format.

The layout may also contain additional notes for revisions for amendments and changes and a pictorial presentation of delivery.

Shruti Datt

Shruti Datt

Project Handler at Project Guru
Shruti is B-Tech & M-Tech in Biotechnology. Some of her strengths include, Good interpersonal skills, eye for detail, well devised analytical and decision making skills and a positive attitude towards life. Her aim in life is to obtain a responsible and challenging position where her education and work experience will have valuable application.
She is a true Piscean. She loves doing things to perfection with passion. She is very creative and likes to make personalized gifts for her dear ones, this is actually something that keeps her going. Shruti loves adventure sports and likes river rafting and cliff jumping.
Shruti Datt

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