Will you incur changes to the document as per my supervisor’s comments?

Yes, we welcome yours and your supervisor’s comments on the draft we submitted to you. One of the reasons why we support submitting papers in parts is that; you are able to go through the research easily and even if your mentor wants to include important points of his, then it should not be difficult for you. But editing is done upto a maximum of two times. There can be ‘n’ no. of comments but we will entertain it twice.

Abhinash Jena

Partner at Project Guru
Abhinash has worked in sales, branding, and marketing functions for GPS companies including MapmyIndia Navigators (www.MapmyIndia.com). In addition to writing for Knowledge Tank articles, he also writes the expert's advice for Thesis & Dissertations and Power Designs.

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  • How will I get my deliveries and documents? The documents and deliveries will be sent to your registered mail box as an attachment upon completion. The attachments can be then easily downloaded to your computer. We safe keep drafts and documents for a maximum period of 6 months. You may request us to resend you documents in case you loose it.
  • When will I get my delivery? The delivery will be made as scheduled in the layout submitted to you. Please refer to the time plan mentioned in the layout. In case there is any delay on our part, we will surely let you know about it prior to 3 days with an email. All deliveries are made prior to 17:30 GMT on the deadline date.
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