Writing a dissertation on human rights violation in India

While writing a dissertation, the researcher needs to explore the dissertation topic in detail by means of collecting primary and secondary data. In addition to this, immense analytic capability is required on part of the researcher for successful dissertation writing.

Writing a dissertation on this subject

Human Rights Violation has created a lot of buzz these days so while writing on ‘Human Rights Violation in India’, the researcher should collect data not only from the past but also from the current events. The researcher should follow the format provided by the university. But for support in writing a dissertation, the below points can be considered.

Basic structure to follow while writing a dissertation


A dissertation generally include the following headings but the content depends on the topic of dissertation. Here it should be written into the following manner:

  1. Abstract: While writing a dissertation you should understand that the abstract should provide the current state of human rights violation in India. And the problems underlying here which created an interest to take this as dissertation topic. The total word count should be around 100 words.
  2. Introduction: The introduction part intends to give a basic introduction of the dissertation topic. It is further sub-divided into following heads:
    1. Background of the Study: This section should offer the concept of human rights followed by importance of human rights and current state of violation of human rights in India in brief.
    2. Problem Statement: This section defines the basic purpose of choosing this topic. Here, the problem statement must relate to the problems faced by society and nation as a whole due to violation of human rights and how it is very important to find solutions to this situation.
    3. Aims and Objectives of the Study: The aims and objectives can include the following:
      1. To explore the meaning of human rights in Indian context
      2. To explore about the concerned human rights authorities in India and study their scope
      3. To find out the awareness levels of Indians on their human rights
      4. To study the importance of human rights for individuals and nation as a whole
      5. To study how human rights are violated in India
      6. To study what actions can be taken in case of human rights violation in India
      7. To study the problems faced by victims and authorities while taking actions for human rights violation in India.
    4. Significance of the Study: The significance of the study should present the benefits this research will offer and a mention of the beneficiaries and how they would be benefited.
    5. Limitations of the Study: The constraints regarding time and resources, and the limitations to the scope of the study should be mentioned here.
  3. Literature Review: The literature review should detail the concepts related to dissertation topic. This is written into various sub-headings maintaining a proper flow. The sub-headings for this dissertation may include:
    1. Definition and Concept of Human Rights (with reference to India)
    2. Need/Importance of Human Rights (with reference to India)
    3. Meaning of Human Rights Violation (with reference to India)
    4. Impact of Human Rights Violation (with reference to India)
    5. Remedies Available for Human Rights Violation (with reference to India)
  4. Research Methodology: The research methodology chapter describes all the research methods and tools that have been used during the study. The chapter starts with a brief summary followed by the research framework, kind of research design and approach, data collection means and methods, the sampling plan, and limitations of the research methodology.
  5. Data Analysis: This chapter describes how the data has been analyzed for the study. It presents the mathematical and statistical calculations in case of quantitative research, and descriptive analysis in case of qualitative research.
  6. Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation: This section presents the results of the data analysis under ‘findings’ followed by researcher’s brief on findings as ‘conclusion’ and any suggestions for solving the research problem as ‘recommendations’.
  7. References: This is the final section of dissertation and is meant to acknowledge the sources of data collection. There are various referencing styles and students need to follow the one prescribed by their university.

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