Research analyst (employee)

By Priya Chetty on November 25, 2016

We are always on the lookout for aspiring as well as experienced research analyst who can dwell in and to our current resource. 

  1. Are you familiar with academic writing?
  2. Have you made or currently in the process of making a PhD thesis?
  3. Are you currently based in Delhi NCR?

If your answer is affirmative to the above questions, then we have a career opportunity for you. We don’t restrict the professional and personal achievements of our team members. Through our publications, we offer our members an opportunity to polish their writing skills and also become better at workplace management.

What are we expecting from you?

As a research analyst, you will be required to:

  1. Know the basics of academic writing.
  2. Be familiar with at least 1 referencing technique (Harvard/ MLA/ APA/ Chicago).
  3. Write up to 2000 words per day.
  4. Proofread and edit papers.

Your attitude towards work matters as much as your qualifications to us. We expect that while working with us, you:

  • Will take feedback from your superiors seriously and act on them.
  • Are willing to upgrade your writing skills from time to time.
  • Finish your tasks on time.
  • Are communicative at work.


  1. Writing up to 2000 words per day in subjects like Management, Education, Sociology, Literature, History, Arts and Economics.
  2. Aligning documents as per client’s requirements.
  3. Document delivery on/ before time to clients.


Post-graduate (MSc/ MA/ MPhil/ MCom/ MBA/ M Ed.) or higher (PhD).

Work hours

Research analysts will be required to work from our office premises in Gurgaon. The work timings are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. Sundays and all national holidays are off-days.


Compensation offered is Rs. 22500 in hand per month. Apart from this, we offer performance bonuses which are declared every month.


We encourage talent, so when you excel in your performance we award you a bonus. The bonus will be added automatically to the invoice when it is generated and it is evaluated on the basis of scores provided by your handler after they review your job. The scores vary from -5 to 5. A bonus will be awarded when you achieve the following scores for each month:

  1. Score 5: INR 5000
  2. Score 4: INR 3000

Career graph for a research analyst

Your successful run depends on 5 major factors:

  1. Communication with your superiors.
  2. Dedication to work.
  3. Creativity in the workplace.
  4. Timely delivery of all documents
  5. Quality writing.

We encourage and assist our analysts to adapt our work culture easily. We have an annual performance evaluation system and yearly performance appraisal system. Your professional growth is your privilege but our responsibility.

The signup process

STEP 1: Create your profile on the next page. Provide genuine information about yourself as this step is crucial for us to decide whether to hire you and that you are well qualified to take up challenging jobs.

STEP 2: Check your email and confirm your email address.

STEP 3: Take a test online. After you submit your profile you will be asked to take a brief test. The test will be a 300 – 350 words writing test on a given topic related to the subjects you will select while submitting your profile. Use the Harvard referencing style for citation. Check the resource to learn about it.

The test needs to be completed within 60 mins. The website will still accept your submission after 60 mins but will be marked “failed“. If our handlers feel very strong about your test then they might consider it for evaluation.

What do we expect from the test?

  1. As an analyst, you understand the requirements of the test and you are able to critically analyse.
  2. You know about plagiarism and will not commit it in your test.
  3. You are familiar with the Harvard citation style.
  4. As an analyst, you can conduct independent research in a time frame.
  5. You know how to present a paper.
  6. As a writer, you know the English language very well.

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