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Writing a dissertation in History demands that you possess an absolute understanding of a different era. It is most difficult to create a dissertation on a topic you have no field practice of- the only source of knowledge is books. Historical sciences are a subject meant only for those who love reading and analyzing secondary literature.

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The availability of several books and literature in History makes it easy for Project Guru to create a critical analysis and hypothetical theories for dissertation writing. With experts in Historical Sciences striving to pursue research in this field, their knowledge gives Project Guru the added advantage of creating an expert dissertation.


Dissertation fields covered in the past

Some of the specific fields of History where extensive and critical research has been conducted for dissertation writing in Project Guru are:

  • First and Second World War
  • The Great Depression
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Russian War
  • Dictatorship in 20th century Europe
  • Gandhi's fight for freedom
  • The great revolution in India

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