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The perspective that the industry of hospitality is pervaded with unique properties implies the need for a particular philosophical theory of knowledge and methodological configurations to be adopted so that its characteristics and various other activities may be effectively researched.

The challenging task of Dissertation writing

Unfortunately in most countries the field of Hospitality Management has not yet been exploited to its optimum. Researchers and theorists in the past have not studied hospitality requirement in detail as yet. Hence writing dissertations on topics related to Hotel Management, which is so rare and an unexplored area is a little difficult (especially when it comes to selection of the dissertation topic). The poor and non-existent use of empirical data analysis makes it difficult to develop greater conceptual and theoretical insights for the dissertation either generally or in relation to the hospitality industry.


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Project Guru offers dissertation help in the field of Hospitality Management by creating an empirical research and critical analysis of primary and secondary data, like:

  • Medical tourism
  • Food and beverages outlets
  • Leisure travel
  • Corporate travel
  • Educational tourism
  • Hotel management
  • Ecotourism
  • Dark tourism

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Sample Dissertation topics in Hospitality Management

  1. Is Internet Marketing a viable option for promoting Medical Tourism in South Asia?
  2. What role does customer service play in maximising repeated sales for food and beverages at a fast food restaurant in Australia?
  3. Critical evaluation of marketing strategies for promotion of Ecotourism in the UK.
  4. A study on identifying the scope of leisure hotels in Asia- consumer preferences and expectations.
  5. Managing staff and customers at fast food chains in Britain.
  6. A study on the cause-effect relationship of natural disasters on tourism in Vietnam and Cambodia.
  7. Understanding consumer attitudes and expectations of South Asian Cuisine in the UK.
  8. Analaysing the scope of online ticket agents in Australia: a 10-year scenario.
  9. Promoting educational tourism in India: government regulations, marketing strategies and service orientation.
  10. Consumer perception of fast food chains versus fine dining experience in India: which one they prefer and why.


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