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Information Technology is a whole new platform of areas that are unrelated to any other- management, science, economics, etc. There are innumerable branches in IT that can be studied in detail. The topic you choose for your dissertation becomes your area of specialization too. Candidates need to be choosy about the dissertation topic in IT as it helps shape their career accordingly.

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IT and Computer Science dissertations at Project Guru are developed by industry experts- writers with at least Masters in Technology. Dissertation writing and codes are developed on latest platforms like Java, C, C++, etc. Project Guru has a specialized team of developers and Handlers catering to the information technology department. Their job is to write, review and edit dissertations in computer sciences and IT. In addition to the dissertation, your code can also be developed in a short span of time.


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Every topic is unique. With every topic proposed, Project Guru aims at making the existing technological system outdated by proposing a newer, more efficient system. Project Guru understands the need for understanding the code, therefore the 'Personal Assistance' ensures that you are guided throughout the dissertation process.

Areas covered in the past for dissertations

  • JPVM
  • Cryptography
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Metrics
  • ITIL
  • E-learning
  • Adaptive Image Steganography

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How do unrestricted mobile apps pose threat to your privacy?

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Information technology (IT)

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