Dissertation in International Business

Writing a dissertation in International Business can be tricky, you as a student need to cross boundaries to study the subject. For instance, if you want to study what management-related issues a company may face while opening a branch office in a different country, you need to study how their working styles and cultures differ.

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Dissertation in International business field

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Context of the India-Latin American relations

Latin America and India are not only in different neighbourhoods, as it were, but have also been members of different clubs. Read more »

Why World Trade Organization failed to reach the Bali agreement?

The World Trade Organization (WTO) headquartered at Geneva came into being on 1 Jan 1995. It is a 160-member trade body established by the Uruguay Round of negotiations (1986-94) to act as a forum for trade negotiations. Read more »

Demand and need for renewable energy across the world

The continuous increase of the world population in the developing countries is escalating the requirements… Read more »

Strategies to emerge as a leader in the market

The following are some of the strategies that multinational corporations in India can adopt in order to improve their brand image in the international market and become a world player (Daft and Lane, 2009). Read more »

Evolution and present Situation of Multinational Corporations

Each year Fortune Publishes a list of several admired United States corporations. Several organizations are multinational, largely in operations and philosophy (Shapiro, 2009). Read more »

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