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International finance is a branch of International Business. Although it is very similar to International business in terms of the business dynamics to be considered, particular attention is paid to the financials part. Many businesses are known to fail in foreign countries despite having the best products and marketing strategies due to lack of financials detailing.


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Dissertation writing in International Finance is aimed at perfecting this arena. Although the field is somewhat restricted, many areas like microfinance, centralized financial rules and regulations and funding can be studied in detail. International students face the toughest time in covering a million aspects related to one topic. One of the most common problems faced by students is the limited access to and awareness of latest international publications on finances.

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Below is a peek at a few of the areas we have covered in international finance in the recent past:

  • Microfinance in Asia
  • Foreign investments- FDIs and FIIs
  • International trade
  • Global financial systems
  • International Economics

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