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The term customer relationship management or CRM emerged as an important marketing strategy in the mid 1980's. Customer relationship management came into existence becuase there was a cat fight among the marketers then. Most of the marketing managers copied and implemented each other's strategies to become the leader in the industry. Berry in 1983 came up with a different idea of retaining its existing customers as it is more profitable than attracting new ones. Thus it emerged as a more comprehensive system known as customer relationship management or CRM.


Preparing a dissertation on customer relationship management

Gone are the days when personal managers or relationship managers were assigned in the banking industry. Today almost all companies want to give special and personal attention to its customers. Good customer relations does not only lure customers to purchase repeatedly but also helps companies to know which customer is going pay on time and which one won't. It is obvious that businesses today are looking for new mediums to more business. A dissertation in customer relationship can be vast and laborious. In a customer relationship management, it is important to go through the new trends, apllications, social networks, consumer behavior, complain behavior, feedback addressal and more. It is important proper models are developed and recommended in the dissertation.

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