Dissertation in Social Marketing

Social marketing is an area of specialization under the umbrella term "Marketing" consisting of theories and process to promote products for social good. A dissertation in social marketing will earn you the repute of not only being a Majors in Marketing, but also benefiting the society at the same time.


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Dissertation writing in Social Marketing requires the application of different concepts to arrive at a universal outcome. For this purpose, it is definitely advantageous to have access to journals containing critical and relevant information for the dissertation. Project Guru's dissertation writing service stands out due to the ability to incorporate the latest and most widely acknowledged theories in Social Marketing.

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In addition to this, the dissertation writing service at Project Guru is not a product but rather a process. You will be given complete assistance in selection of topic as our industry experts have exposure to the trending issues in this arena. Our team of writers in Social marketing dissertations also assists you in your presentation and personal interview with your tutor to ensure a smooth, hassle-free process of dissertation submission.


The dissertation will be submitted in two parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction and Review of Literature, questionnaire and List of References (50% of the dissertation).
  • Part 2: Research Methodology, Data Analysis, Conclusion, List of References, Appendix, Table of Contents, Abstract, Acknowledgements (Complete dissertation)

Easy installment plan for your dissertation

We understand students' inability/ discomfort in paying a huge sum at one go. In order to enable students easy and safe payment method, the fees have to be paid in two installments. Each part of the dissertation is submitted after the corresponding fee amount. This applies to all dissertations/ theses ordered at Project Guru.

Sneak peek at Dissertation areas that we have catered

Here is a peek at some of the areas we have conducted extensive research in Social marketing in the past with our dissertations:

  • Sustainable marketing
  • Social responsibility
  • Concepts of social marketing

We wrote about

Emergence of social network marketing in India

Social network web portals like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus YouTube, Pinterest and blogging platforms enable followers to “post”, “tweet”, “retweet” or “repost” comments instantly. Messages are viewed by other visitors. Thus, social network websites work as a source for word of mouth publicity. Read more »

Facebook and its big step in mobile marketing

The year 2012 was a mobile year when the advertisements through mobiles crossed a mark of $6,525 million worldwide. Moreover, the increasing use of smart phone is enabling the users stay connected via mobile internet all the time. Read more »

Identifying ways to expand social marketing

Social marketing, unlike its better known counterpart, commercial marketing, has an altruistic outcome which is a change in behavior of a person or a community. Read more »

The role of non-monetary costs

In recent years economists have recognized that monetary price is not the only sacrifice consumers make to obtain products and services. Read more »

Review websites are a great way to socialise a business

This article explores the reasons behind the fading away of traditional way of searching in comparison with to the rise of trends in increased usage of review websites, reasons behind such rise, and role they play in influencing consumers’ decisions. Read more »

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