Dissertation in Portfolio Management

Although the subject Portfolio Management comes under the Umbrella term "Financial Management", it deserves to have a space of its own in our subjects category. Portfolio management is one of the very few subjects in the world that is relative to each individual. The phrase "To each, his own" describes the subject best.

Writing a dissertation

Writing a dissertation in Portfolio Management can be stressful due to the endless number of statistical models and theories to be referred to. Often, the resultant outcome is that the dissertation turns out to be inconclusive and non-hypothetical as students often lose track mid-way.


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Fields that we have recently worked on

  • Option Pricing
  • Market Risk Measurement
  • Pricing Longevity Risk securities
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Forecasting Volatility
  • Development of a Hedging Framework
  • Accounting Uncertainty
  • Treasure Bond Portfolio Optimization

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