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Start a career filled with learning and dedicated people at Project Guru, a data-driven and focused company where every worker directly influences, impacts and builds our work environment. We’re constantly looking for new brains. Choose the position you are interested in, and proceed to create your account and work profile:

Research consultant (freelance)

As the research and consulting arm, we deliver information that helps, scholars and organizations to understand major developments in science,... More

Data analyst (freelance)

We are on a constant lookout for data analysts who have a dynamic personality and can lend supporting help to... More

Academic research consultant (freelance)

We are always on the lookout for aspiring as well as experienced academic research consultant who can blend in and... More

After you submit your work profile, you will be automatically assigned an assessment job based on your qualifications and skills. This assessment job will not be compensated but will be evaluated and rated to give you a head start for paid jobs.