Choosing Guru for Power Designs

We have a history of deliverying innovative and creative services to our clients. We pioneered in the field of web design and flash based presentations. Where as flashed based presentations and websites have become for consumers seeking information on the web, PowerPoint presentations have become presenters giving information in the board room. Considering the needs of presentation everyday for all businesses we adhere to provide quality and creative solutions in the field of PowerPoint presentations.

Presentations designed by us are tailored to:

  • High- end deliverables.
  • Rapid turn aorunds.
  • Persistent reliability.
  • Unrivaled responsiveness

Outsource it

If your company is producing high volumes of PowerPoint presentations, you should definitely think of outsourcing it, we deliver an array of benefits that included:

  • Increased presentation support time.
  • Innovative and quality creatives.
  • Meeting deadlines.
  • Planned and organizational.
  • Reduced human resource in production.

PowerPoint factory

We have learned to provide innovative and creative ideas with at very cost effective proposal. We assure the best deals across the continents. Our experts develop designs from the files recieved in MS word document or in any other format with all the presentation material. The team of experts sits down together and plans out a rough draft and layout and then sends across it to the clients. Upon their satisfaction the production of the PowerPoint design begins with:

  • Procurement and selection of images
  • Slide production and framework design
  • Custom design of diagrams, graphs and icons
  • Integration of audio and video files
  • Intigration of animation
  • Finally touch-ups

Get used to 'WoW'

We understand the importance of presentations for all companies. Thus the major important points that we foccus on is:

  • Use of constant grades of colours
  • Use of constant animation and not overemphasing effects
  • Use of correct directions as per the flow of presentation
  • Use of notes and narrtions

It is said that when a audience is exposed to both audio and visual information, retention of information increases. This is when you start getting used to the word 'Wow'.

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