1. Krupa
    4 years & 9 months ago

    This article was very helpful.
    Thank you Ankita 🙂

  2. Anupam Mallik
    4 years & 9 months ago

    My research topic is “Punishment : A Critical Study of Ethical Theories”. I need to prepare objective of the study.

  3. Harshi
    4 years & 11 months ago

    my research topic is public perception of the legal profession i need to prepare objectives

  4. Phillip
    4 years & 11 months ago

    Please help with specific objective on the following research topic: ASSESSING THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT

  5. Philip
    4 years & 11 months ago

    What about research objectives for Effectiveness of CHV led physical activity in improving health related quality of life among the elderly

  6. Albert
    5 years & 1 week ago

    Hi please help me to develop research objectives from the below topic:

  7. Pius tumba
    5 years & 4 months ago

    Hazard risk of residential building under high tension cable in zamfara metropolis.case study gusau, zamfara state

  8. Twijukye Daniel
    5 years & 5 months ago

    thanks very much…
    i also need help from you on how i can develop research objectives from the topic “the impact of quality health care on pregnancy, newborn and child health in uganda”

  9. Sabah syed
    5 years & 7 months ago

    i have a research topic:
    “a study to examine the relationship of teachers’ motivation level and self efficacy with their classroom environment at higher education level”
    kindly guide me to design objectives and hypothesis of this phd thesis.
    thanking in advance
    Sabah Syed

  10. Ranbir S Phaugat
    5 years & 10 months ago

    All advice is vague. These are not objectives but directions in which research work can progress.