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    Priya Chetty
    7 years & 5 months ago

    Hello Everyone,
    I have now added another article on cultural theories. Please have a look and sorry about the late reply!

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    sanusi tobi
    7 years & 6 months ago

    please assist with this assignment “briefly elaborate on the theory of enterpreneurship and its enterpreneurial development.

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    sanusi tobi
    7 years & 6 months ago

    expect the much …..

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    victor omondi
    7 years & 9 months ago

    thanks for the notes

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    Arthur jnr
    8 years & 2 months ago

    expand n explain this staff I need e flesh not a skeleton

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    8 years & 3 months ago

    the theories are helpful as skeletons to someone who could be looking for a general but for some us who like deep study, they lack flesh ie. the detail

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    Okeanu Ben
    8 years & 9 months ago

    The details are very short please improve?

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    9 years & 1 week ago

    interprenuer motivation

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    peris wanjiru
    9 years & 9 months ago

    too short

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    Nixsion Niadawe
    10 years & 2 weeks ago

    Please your feed backs are good but does not include a good detailed of the topic.thank you!