1. Samuel Yam
    1 year & 10 months ago

    My dependent variable is around 10 (Liver biomarker parameters) how to insert or can be used in multivariate analysis method
    my research title was impairment of Liver biomarker parameters & its association of T2DM patients

    2 years & 11 months ago

    Dear Indra,

    Thank you for your explanation on the use of SPSS to do multivariate analysis.
    How can I use the Multivariate Analysis to analyse the Impact of one Independent Variable on multiple Dependent Variables. E.g.The Impact of Technology (Independent Variable) on Organisational Strategy (Dependent Variable; measured multiply in the strategy process: Formulation; Implementation; and Control)

    Thank you

  3. Wajdy
    4 years & 7 months ago

    Two dependent variables in linear regression model

  4. Riaz khan
    5 years & 3 months ago

    if we want to find out more than one dependent variable and also find the relationship between more than one dependent variable we have preferred multivariate.

  5. Tofazzal Hossain
    5 years & 7 months ago

    Please send me next article.