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    For a transmission system with sending-end and receiving-end voltages, Vs and Vr respectively maintained at 1.0 per unit, and having basic angle of operation between them at 30 0 , and line reactance as 0.5 per unit, for series compensation a voltage Vs’s of 0.2 per unit is injected. With respect to angle beta (b) of injected voltage Vs’s (with reference to sending-end voltage Vs), plot variation of modified sending-end voltage Vs’ and its angle psi (j) with reference to Vs. Plot the sending-end active & reactive power, Ps, Qs with the variation of angle b, and so the plot between Ps, and Qs. Draw similar plots for the receiving-end active & reactive power, Pr, Qr, and the one establishing
    their relationship.
    Note: Assume rational data, if missing, for deriving the output called for.
    1. Plots of Vs’ against b, and j against b.
    2. Plots of Ps against b, and Qs against b, plot between Ps, and Qs.
    3. Plots of Pr against b, and Qr against b, plot between Pr, and Qr.