1. S
    Shloka Singh
    10 months & 1 week ago

    Your efforts are commendable. Can you kindly share your results with interpretation related to the banking sector?

  2. N
    3 years & 1 month ago

    Dear Avishek
    I want just to ask a question one of the recommendation to use DEA software is to avoid imbalances in the data set and comprise of a similar magnitude. in the exemple you took this rule is not respected, one way is to divide by the mean of each variable. I don’t know it for DEAP the preparation of data is required or not if yes I just want to know because i’d done the test why if the range of the amplitude of the variable is less than 1 the Sowtware don’t give results.
    I am litlle bit lost.
    Thanks by adavance for clarifications.

  3. N
    3 years & 7 months ago

    Dear sir,
    what does it means when the out.file come out with Inf written in it.

    i’m doing malmquist. Thank you

  4. V
    Vishal Vincent Joseph
    3 years & 8 months ago

    Hi Avishek,

    I’m running a model with the following characteristics:
    – 2 Outputs
    – 9 Inputs
    – 16 DMUS’s

    The dataset is in the form of a panel spanning 12 years and all variables have been mean normalized for that particular year. I’m currently using Malmquist DEA method to get results on yearly frequency with VRS approach and Input Orientation. However, I am not getting any variation in efficiency for 9 DMU’s and all these 9 are coming out as efficient. Is there something I’m not doing right?

  5. N
    4 years & 3 months ago

    Dear Sir,
    I’ve tried to run the data, but there is no output file being generated. May I know what could be the reason?

  6. G
    4 years & 10 months ago

    Dear,how can i download DEAP?

  7. M
    5 years & 3 weeks ago

    Dear sir
    how I can find your article about analysis out put of DEAP ??

  8. G
    5 years & 4 months ago

    Dear Sir,
    How can I get the DEAP.EXE file?