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    1 year & 7 months ago

    Thank you ,
    are these the only theories that can be used on P.M.S

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    adelopo nimota subuola
    2 years & 4 months ago

    thank you for your contribution on the theories of performance management, but my view or question is, could this be the only theories that can be used to buttress performance management

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    jerry chifimbo
    2 years & 7 months ago

    How are you kindly provide me with journal articles about Performance Management. Have a blessed day.

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    4 years & 5 months ago

    How can I get thevrefferences of theory of performance about addiction in offline mobile gaming

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    4 years & 9 months ago

    Hi, I am doing a research on teachers perception on the performance management strategies. Please help me out with the literature review

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    4 years & 9 months ago

    I am doing a research on performance measurement framework for fast food industries in developing countries. I need journals related to that study please help. Any suggestion on which i should use

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    marshal mapako
    5 years & 1 month ago

    I am a Human Resources Manager in one of the companies and greatly thankful about this website. I am managing to convert evething i am mastering theoratically into pratice.

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    5 years & 2 months ago

    I would like to extend my gratitude for this website, i am learning a lot and grateful for the useful information for my mba thesis… thanks, can you suggest best theoretical framework for performance management… thanks a lot, more power and God Bless…

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    5 years & 3 months ago

    hello guys.
    how do i tackle this question. am doing BA administration.

    Choose one performance management approach of your choice and demonstrate how it can be applied in an SME you are familiar with.

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    5 years & 7 months ago


    My name is Sophie and i am doing my research study on Aligning employee performance plans and performance to that of the organisation (a Public entity). I got a few ideas on the theories I can use but since the systems theory is outdated as a framework, what else can i use? The objectives of the study is to establish if the plans of the employees are aligned to that of the organisation and if empoyees understand the importance of appraisals