1. Nigusie
    1 month & 3 weeks ago

    Thanks. It is very helpful for me.

  2. Anum Shoaib
    5 months & 5 days ago

    Thanks, it was really easy and helpful.

  3. Betsy Brind
    7 months & 3 weeks ago

    This is extremely helpful, thank you
    Are you able to apply granger causality tests to panel data, and if so, how can this be done?

  4. Alkebsee
    8 months & 3 weeks ago

    i could not apply granger c test for my dataset. i got ” repeated time in sample” message.
    i have tried to delete the repeated observations but no point.
    what i should and can do to preform this test ?

    9 months & 4 weeks ago

    Hello, How are you. I’m Sinem Soyhan. I am writing to you from Turkey’s Van province. I’m trying to do a granger causality test analysis but my data is annual. What can I write in the Command section for the yearly, not the quarter. can you help me? thank you sir

  6. Milyas
    2 years & 7 months ago

    i think the third hypothesis should be rejected “Lagged values of pfce and gfcf do not cause gdp” because the results in the third row show that lagged values of both pfce and gfcf cause gdp at 1% level.