1. Ricky Fok
    11 years & 3 months ago

    TPS has been launched and recognized worldwide for the decades. However, the reports of the defected vehicles had been found over 10 millions in recent years.
    The TPS is no longer be a guaranteed system for quality but for costing.
    What is the explicitly of TPS?
    Don’t they forget to apply the PDCA of continuous improvement from time to time?

  2. 12 years & 1 day ago

    Dear Mr. Baudin,
    Thanks for your comment.However lean manufacturing is infact a spin-off of traditional six sigma. Few reference materials supporting the same are given below:

  3. Michel Baudin
    12 years & 1 day ago

    I meant “its effectiveness,” not “it’s effectiveness.”

    This embarrassing typo was added by my iPad’s spelling checker. Sorry.

  4. Michel Baudin
    12 years & 1 day ago

    You wrote: “Lean manufacturing, a spin-off of traditional six sigma…”

    Where did you get that impression? Lean manufacturing predates Six Sigma by a good 30 years. The two are completely independent developments. Six Sigma is barely 20 years old and hardly “traditional,” and it’s effectiveness outside of process capability management in high-technology industries is unproven.