10 years & 6 months ago

    Good presentation of present trend of parents’ senseless desire for publicity in nonsense media unreality shows O. Nagaraj Goud

  2. 11 years & 6 months ago

    Thanks a lot for giving us your valuable time and inputs. This article is just a small attempt to aware the parents and society in general towards the alarming affects of these shows. Please keep reading!

  3. Dr Parveen K Jain
    11 years & 6 months ago

    This is a coincidence that my daughter got the same topic for debate and while going through it, I realized that where this all is leading to our future generations, why today each father or mother think that they have given birth to the most talented offspring- who can dance, sing, play , act at the same time and secure top position in exams.
    There are somewhere we are overburdening them with lots and lots of tuition classes, dance classes, music classes, sports clubs, but everybody has a 24 hour day only.
    This is really a topic to think seriously as the virus is directly entering everybody’s house. Just like daily soaps are spoiling our home environment, these reality shows are affecting our kids.
    They should be stopped, I wish if we can undo this cable TV and go back to the world of DD
    In end please accept my congratulations for highlighting this topic.

  4. Shilpi agarwal
    11 years & 7 months ago

    The article is superb.The parents really need to think before taking a step ahead.Portraying their child’s talent is good but not at the expense of taking away their childhood.

  5. 11 years & 7 months ago

    Thanks for reading and providing us with your valuable input!!

  6. Ankit Verma
    11 years & 7 months ago

    Excellent coverage of the biggest Indian social problem.Looking in the soul of this problem I have two two issues to discuss about:-
    1)First of all more than 70% problem lies with parents,who want their child to be counted as the next wonder of the world,if not world then India atleast….which definitely ruins the innocence of child,which is above the world’s wealth.But sometimes parents fail to understand or often they do not want to,perhaps!Parents,must first of all let their child complete their study and attain the emotional and physical stability so as to cope up well with success or unwanted results.
    2)Last but not least,the final reward must be kept totally untouched to money,as exposing a innocent mind and heart to the greed of money at a tender age,would definitely lead to a self centered and self centric society,and thus a socially ill atmosphere in future!!!