1. Shilpa Puri
    4 years & 6 months ago

    I would like to know latest in field of medical tourism.Please keep me posted on any new discussion n findings.

  2. Praveen Chrsitopher
    7 years & 6 months ago


    Am interested in new thoughts, ideas, information, vision in this sphere. Please include/update me on the new discussion, findings, developments here.

    Praveen Christopher

  3. Shine
    9 years & 9 months ago

    Medical tourism or also known as global health care service is widely known. Lots of patients choose to travel in getting the treatment they need and India is one of the best option to choose from. This article is great! If you want to know more information, you can visit http://www.medicaltourism-guide.com/.

  4. Dr Prem
    11 years & 6 months ago

    Medical Tourism is one of the developed and highly demanded service industries which has been running since years and has decades to serve people with medical needs. Many people seek medical care outside their own region or country in order to get better, affordable and safe medical attention which is unavailable, inaccessible or unaffordable.