1. A
    Alan Spear
    1 year & 8 months ago

    India is very cost-effective when it comes to medical tourism. Depending on the country, foreign patients can save from 40 to 90 percent of their total medical cost. If the government takes stronger initiative, India could be one of the highest-rated destinations for medical tourism.

  2. D
    Dr Prem
    9 years & 6 months ago

    Medical tourism in India has a huge potential to contribute to its gross domestic product (GDP). The requirement is for the country’s government to take growth-oriented steps to enhance its medical tourism. If the government properly taps this sector, the contribution could go up to 25% of the entire GDP over the coming five years. However, the challenge is to organize the country’s infrastructure and manage its highly skillful medical resources. India has been able to provide high-quality healthcare services at very affordable costs. The need is to continue this practice with improved resources.