1. Sonia Nwabeke
    5 years & 3 weeks ago

    Cooler Beitrag 🙂

  2. Md. Shohidul islam
    5 years & 4 months ago

    How would you implement holistic marketing concept in your firm?

  3. Akhila
    5 years & 5 months ago

    Does the word holiness in traditions relate to this term?

  4. Mohd Shafi
    5 years & 6 months ago

    Thanks for providing fantastic notes

  5. 6 years & 6 months ago cited in Overview of Social Media Marketing- Where are we today? | annakujawska.
  6. Shubha
    6 years & 8 months ago

    In holistic marketing we have internal ,integrated,relationship and performance marketing not societal marketing. Reference
    Philip Kotler, Kevin and Keller 15th edition

  7. Nazmus Sakib
    6 years & 8 months ago

    Thanks ma’am. This is very useful to understand holistic marketing concepts. Wish your good health.

  8. Conscious
    9 years & 5 months ago

    Thank u very much

  9. Gabriel Abraham
    9 years & 8 months ago

    Very impressive. Thanks for the thoughts. I would like to point out though that the concept of Internal Marketing overlaps with strategic human resource management, since it is the HR Dept which is primarily responsible for employee motivation, not the Marketing Dept.

  10. Rishu Arora
    10 years & 4 months ago

    thanx ankita mam