1. Elaine Matthews Venter
    9 years & 10 months ago

    I am an art therapy student at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in Auckland, New Zealand, and doing the clinical year of a Masters in Art therapy. I am currently working on an individual topic assignment and am focussing on exploring ways to take my art therapy practice into the corporate environment. I would really appreciate some ideas of how you evolved your approach to businesses and companies in order to develop the corporate art therapy side of your practice. I am very interested in how you managed to get started doing corporate work and how you accessed the companies you have worked with.
    I would also love to hear which experientials/interventions you have found to be the most effective and whether you incorporate some dramatherapy or music therapy into your sessions.
    I have been exploring ways to engage participants in mindfulness and movement, and also some group icebreaker games as warm-ups for sessions.
    My masters research focused on using eco art therapy for groups of immigrants and I am thinking that this approach could also be very effective in the corporate environment. I would be most happy to share my research with you if you like and look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

  2. Giorgos_kiafas
    10 years & 9 months ago

    Hi !! I am currently investigating the implementattion of art therapy in organisations as a project for my PHD, is there anything simmilar done before for art and corporate art therapy in a phd level that you are aware of?? do you have any data that could assist me with the research?>?

    Thank you in advance!