1. Kay Morley
    9 years & 9 months ago

    I am extremely interested on this subject matter.
    I had never heard of the term “3rd hand smoke” before hearing a news article evening of 31/05/2014 but I have been trying to tell people for years that secondary (passive) smoke is very bad but also that the smell in clothing and other items was very bad strangely and as usual my comments fell on deaf ears. As usual my warnings are now coming through the media hooraaay.
    I would dearly like to know what types of problems come from 3rd hand smoke. ? Possible gene mutation creating cancers, deformities etc. as I worked in a persons place that stank from lounges impregnated with urine to say the least but biggest concern was the cigarette and marijuana stench. Some days were worse/stronger than others

  2. Ankit Verma
    10 years & 8 months ago

    Praise worthy approach to the exposure of problem.But the article would have been more effective if it encircled some protective measures also.